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Hello! I am Mason Toy, a Full Stack Software Engineer at Dick's Sporting Goods. At Dick’s Sporting Goods, I have worked on several projects that must be scalable, fault tolerant and be deployed multiple cloud locations. Several of these applications help provide real time inventory positions within the stores as well as for the eCommerce platform. These services are all synchronized with one another via event-based messages to keep inventory as accurate as possible. Another project, manages the automation of user creation for call center agents which scale up rapidly and can rapidly decline in population. Technologies used, .Net Framework, Spring Framework, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis and multiple databases of varying types.

At USG Insurance I worked on new and legacy systems that allow the staff to create and maintain insurance claims. This can range from entering a new submission into the system to reporting on how many submissions are active and from what carriers/agencies they are written to.

I graduated from Penn State Behrend with a degree in Software Engineering in May of 2017. In college I was president of the ACM club as well as a member in the Game Developers club. I also had the pleasure of working with the Microsoft Hololens for my senior project. The project's goal was to create a Mixed Reality application that would allow for insurance adjusters to train in a meeting room.

In my free time I also enjoy keeping up with the latest music, hiking, golfing, playing video games with friends, and tinkering around with new frameworks and languages I wouldn't get the chance to at work.

Mixed Reality Training

Mixed Reality Training

Mixed Reality Training is a Windows Holographic application created by William Emmel, Rachel Rattay and myself. The application is designed to be a training exercise for new claims adjusters as a supplement for an older training. The old training requires all Erie insurance claims adjusters to travel to Erie for two weeks for training in their Technical Learning center where they have a 3-story house built of a wide variety of materials inside of a warehouse. The house has various types of damage and the adjusters must go through the house while taking a test about certain items in the building. The application generates objects dynamically in our own environment. You can look at these items select them and answer a question regarding types of damage and what is common for this kind of item. The walls are detected by an initial scan by the user. Then when the scan has covered enough space the user may begin their training. The user may also choose between a kitchen space and a dining room space.

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VisuSort is a MIPS assembly, made and ran inside of MARS, program that displays different sorting algorithms. The algorithms that will be available are: Insertion, Bubble Sort, Quick Sort, Selection Sort. The user will have the ability to choose which sort they want to see visualized. The program will then move through the sorting process through each iteration. Each time that a new number moved the graph will be updated with the current values in order in the number array.

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Note My Problem


Note My Problem was made at HackPSU by Xiaoyu Zhou, Chris Andrejewski, Rachel Rattay and myself. The project was the winner of the HackPSU Fall 2016 COIL/EdTech Challenge and the IBM - Watson Challenge. The application enables students (or businesses) to record a complete lecture transcript that not only contains the material covered in the lecture, but enhances the material through embedded links. To view more check out our devpost page for the application.

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MuZe Streaming

For this project my team used Java to implement a streaming server and client. This program uses RTSP, RTP and FTP to allow the users to upload, download, listen to the music at the same time and enables the users to chat to each other. Another challenge our team had with this project was supporting MP3s as Java does not natively support streaming MP3 format. Overall, this Project was a ton of fun to work on and a great challenge to learn all the different internet protocols.

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Brandtern Experience

While interning at Gatesman+Dave the summer Brandtern Class a project to increase the awareness of the Brandtern program to increase the pool of applicants. One of the things we decided was to rework the webpage. This webpage was completed by me. I used JQuery, JavaScript, SASS, PHP and SVG image code. The website itself is using WordPress however; most of what I changed was behind the scenes with in the templates code and changing a lot of the JQuery.

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Lookee is a project I am working on in my off time. The idea is to beable to have graphic novels on webpages. The project is using Python's Django framework, SCSS. More information about this project will be updated as it progresses!

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